What Every Poultry Business Owner Should Know About Generators

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Do you sell poultry as your sole means of income? It is ideal for you to make sure there is a constant supply of electricity so you can keep the temperature at a sufficient level for the poultry to survive. If you have a portable generator, it must be kept in good condition, because you never know when you might suddenly need it. Below, learn what you should know about portable generators, so you can run your poultry business no matter what kind of electrical problems arise.

How should you store and care for your generator?

When you own a portable generator, it is important for you to maintain it in a good condition during the times it is not in use. Being that generators are only needed during a power outage, it is possible for them to accumulate a lot of dirt when stores away. To prevent too much dirt from getting on the generator and causing possible damage, you should store it inside of your home or shed, with a cover on it. Leaving the generator outside with no cover is bound to lead to it malfunctioning when you need it.

You must also get into the habit of draining all of the fuel out of the generator when it is not in use. Leaving fuel sitting in a generator for a long time can lead to it getting contaminated with dirt or water. The contaminated fuel can cause the generator to malfunction when you crank it up during a power outage. Placing fresh fuel in the generator should be done before using it after long-term storage.

What can happen to poultry if the temperature drops in a power outage?

If your poultry experiences a temperature drop, they can end up dying. However, it depends on how long you are without power. The poultry may also begin producing in low levels. Losing even a small amount of poultry when they are your only income can be stressful, so a functional generator is vital for such a business. If you have an old generator that you have neglected, it is wise to invest in a new one. You can expect a new generator to cost an average of up to $4,000, depending on the size of it.

Make sure your income from selling poultry will not be compromised due to an untimely power outage. Get in touch with a generator specialist, such as Southern Rewind Ltd pumps in Lethbridge, to repair or replace your generator!