Situations Where Homeowners Should Hire A Land Surveyor

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Having a land survey performed can be expensive. However, if the land survey is necessary, you may be required to have one performed. Therefore, it is important to know whether you should hire a land surveyor

When Buying A Home

Whenever you purchase a new piece of property, it is recommended that you have a land survey performed. A land survey is performed to make sure that what you think you are purchasing is what you are actually purchasing. Your lender may even make a land survey mandatory. 

When Making Home Modifications

If you already own your property, it may be recommended to have a land survey performed if you will have a new addition added to your home. This is in order to make sure that you actually own the area where you are extending your home. Imagine how expensive it would be if you performed a home addition, a neighbor later claimed the area as part of his or her property, and you then had to remove the home addition. Also, you may wish to have a land survey performed if your neighbor begins constructing something new. You may be able to have the construction halted if they are actually on your property. 

When Adding An Easement

Every property owner is entitled to access to their property. You may need an easement in order to access your property. If this is the case, you will need a land survey performed. An easement is the right of one property owner to use someone else's property. For example, you may need to have a driveway that passes through a neighbor's property in order to reach your own. 

When Paying Taxes

When having a tax assessment performed, you may be required to verify your acreage. There are some jurisdictions that make it a requirement to have a correct survey on file in order to correctly assess your taxes. Having a land survey performed can also reduce your taxes under some circumstances, such as when you initially purchase the home. Paying for your own land survey will reduce the purchase value of your home.

When Selling Your Property

When it is time to sell your property, you will need a land survey performed in order to verify which portions of your property actually belong to you. It may not be required in your jurisdiction, but by performing your own land survey, you will be more likely to sell.