5 Areas To Inspect When Buying A Used Tractor For Your Business

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If your business needs a new tractor, and you want to purchase one that is used, you need to make sure that you accurately inspect the tractor to make sure that it is in good shape before you purchase the tractor. Make sure that the tractor has the right features to keep whomever is operating the trailer safe.


Not all tractors have headlights on them. If your business projects ever start early in the morning, run late into the night, or occur even when the weather is bad, you'll want to purchase a tractor that has headlights. Having headlights will allow you to use your tractor whenever you need it and will ensure that you can see better at all times.

2.Rollover Structure

You want to make sure that any tractor you purchase has a rollover structure on it. A rollover structure will protect whomever is driving the tractor from injury should the tractor every flip or roll-over. This is an especially important feature if you are using the tractor for business purposes; you want to make sure you take every step possible to keep your employees safe when they are operating equipment that you own.


Tractor tires can be expensive, so make sure that the tractor you want to purchase comes with some good tires. Check the traction on the tires, and make sure that it has nice, deep traction. Also, find out what the tires are filled with. Tractor tires are not always filled with air, sometimes they are filled with heavy fluids to give the tires more weight and traction.

If the tires are not in good shape on the tractor you want to purchase, see if you can negotiate a lower price on the tractor.

4. Power Steering

Hydraulic features can make driving your tractor easier to handle. Power steering is actually a hydraulic feature which makes driving your tractor, and specifically turning easier. Considering most of your employees probably drive vehicles with power-steering, a tractor with hydraulic power-steering will be easier for your employees to handle than a tractor without power steering.

5. Hydraulic Power for Attachments & Implements

Power-steering is not the only way that hydraulics can be used on a tractor. Hydraulic power is also used to provide power to a variety of implements and attachments, such as a front-end loader or a lift attachment. If you plan on using attachment or implements on your tractor, having adequate hydraulic power is a must.

When you need to buy a new tractor for your business, make sure that the tractor that you purchase provides you with safety features, such as headlights, rollover cages, and power-steering.