3 Unconventional Uses For Livestock Panels In Your Suburban Backyard

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Livestock panels, also commonly called beef, cattle, or hog panels, are far too useful to be kept on the farm. In fact, suburban homeowners with no large livestock to tend may find that there are many ways in which they can also use these inexpensive fencing panels in their own backyards.

If you are a suburban homeowner who is wondering how you might benefit from making a trip to your local agricultural equipment and supply center, here are three handy examples to convince you to purchase a few of your own.

Training vines

Suburban homeowners often like to use vining plants to add greenery and a decorative touch to their outdoor living areas. But training vines to climb fences and house walls is not a wise idea. Many types of vines put off hundreds of tiny roots that seek attachment with the surface of the wall or fence, a process that can result in surface deterioration. 

Homeowners who want to enjoy the look of a vine-covered wall or fence can achieve their goal without harming their structures by erecting one or more cattle panels several inches in front of the house wall or fence where they want to grow the vines and then training them to climb the panel. This same concept can also work well with an arbor roof by attaching one or more livestock panels to the roof supports of the arbor and training the vines.

Supporting veggies and gardeners

Stooping to pick vining plants, like peas, cucumbers, and some varieties of green beans, can be painful for gardeners. In addition to the discomfort, failure to support the growing vines can also lead to issues with rot and greater risks of insect and rodent damage. By installing a cattle panel for vining vegetables to climb, the backyard gardener can reduce their own back strain and help their crops be more productive and easier to maintain. 

Training pets 

Another excellent way in which suburban homeowners can solve common problems by using livestock panels is to use a few to help with training the family dog. Some ideas for this include: 

Because livestock panels are inexpensive, reusable, and able to be stored easily, suburban homeowners are sure to find dozens of additional ways to use them. To see all types of livestock panels and choose the most suitable type and size, visit agricultural equipment and supply dealers like Big Springs Equipment.