Marketing Your Small Farm Through Sustainable Product Packaging

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Part of the allure of purchasing food directly from a farm is sustainability. Consumers can buy goods from small, sustainable farms and skip the large supply chain that depends on gas-guzzling trucks and complex plastic packaging to deliver goods. Whether you sell your small farm's goods at local farmers' markets or a roadside stand on your property, packaging your eggs, produce, and other goods sustainably can help market your business and do a little bit of good for the environment. Here are just a few packaging options to consider. 

Vintage Wooden Egg Crates

Vintage-style wooden egg crates are perfect for both displaying and selling eggs. Large lots can be sold to customers inside the crates, and customers who want only a few eggs can use their sustainable baskets to pick just the right amount for their cooking and baking needs. These crates have a nostalgic design, which can appeal to some shoppers. The crates can be reused over and over again, even after the eggs are long gone. You can encourage customers to bring back their empty crates by charging a deposit and refunding it upon return. This helps discourage waste and helps set you apart from your competition. 

Wooden Produce Crates

Much like the vintage egg crates, wooden produce crates help eliminate the need for plastic and cardboard packaging. The crates are conveniently reusable, and they evoke images of quaint family farmsteads. Be sure to stamp or stencil your farm's name on each crate to add to the nostalgic look. You may also want to stamp the different sizes of crates with the produce each one is intended to hold, such as farm-fresh peaches or harvest season pumpkins. You'll want to charge a deposit and offer a refund for these crates as well. This will prevent you from having to purchase extra each month while promoting your farm's sustainable practices. 

Twine Bundles

For certain types of produce, no packaging is needed at all. Root vegetables, such as carrots, can be bundled together with twine for purchase. This idea also works for beets, celery, asparagus, and rhubarb, making it easy to put together products for sale without worrying about boxes or bags. The twine adds a rustic homespun look to your goods, which can appeal to some customers looking for an authentic farm-to-table experience. You also get the added benefit of saving money on packaging. Of course, the twine can be reused, promoting sustainability and simple packaging solutions. 

There are a host of sustainable product packaging solutions farms can use, from vintage-style egg crates to biodegradable cardboard. Work with the team at your farm to come up with creative solutions to make your products appeal to those looking to have a better impact on the environment. For more insight, contact services like Poultry Cartons.