When Do You Need Greenhouse Window Film?

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When you have a greenhouse, your goal might be to get as much warmth and sunlight to your plants as possible. So why would you ever need window film? There are actually several reasons.

Some Plants Need Less Sun

Not every plant needs the same amount of sun. Think about a forest where there are many different types of plants that grow underneath the shade of the big trees. If you want to grow these types of plants on their own, you might need to simulate the shade with window film.

You may also want to grow plants that aren't normally suited for your climate. If your area gets much more sun than where the plants are native to, the extra sun might actually harm them. Adding window film gets them just the right amount of sun.

You Need to Keep Your Plants Cool

Plants can also be affected by temperature, not just the sun. In many cases, you do want your greenhouse to create additional warmth for the plants. This is often the case when you're in a cooler climate or you want to grow summer plants during the cooler months of the year.

However, it is possible for your greenhouse to be too warm for your plants. You want the interior temperature to match where those plants grow in the wild. Like getting too much sun, being too warm can also hurt your plants.

Greenhouse window film helps to control the temperature by controlling how much the sun can heat up your greenhouse. It works just like how tinting your car windows can help keep your car cool under sunlight.

You Use Grow Lights

You may also want to use window film if you use grow lights. You might think it makes more sense to just not use the lights, but this isn't always the case.

Using artificial lights gives you much more control over how much light your plants get. You can also set the light differently on different plants. Window film can only limit the sun, but how much light your plants get still depends on how much sun there is.

When you use window film with artificial lights, you're preventing extra sun from coming in, so your plants don't get too much sun. This lets you use your artificial lights to carefully control the interior lighting.

To learn more about installing greenhouse window film, contact an agricultural equipment supplier near you.