4 Unique Hay Feeding Systems You Should Consider For Your Cattle

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Feeding your cattle with hay is essential to keeping them healthy and productive. But choosing the right feeding system can be difficult since many different options exist. You should factor in the size of your herd, their diet, and the available resources to make an informed decision. Fortunately, some unique hay-feeding systems can give you the best of both worlds. Here are four choices you should consider for your cattle.

Traditional Hay Ring Feeder

The traditional hay ring feeder is great for feeding your cattle hay. The system is easy to set up and use. It also helps minimize waste since the hay is contained in a circular ring, helping keep it off the ground. The circular shape also discourages cattle from standing on the hay, which can be damaging to the quality of the feed. If you have a small herd, this simple hay-feeding system may be your best choice.

Movable Hay Feeder

A movable hay feeder is a greater choice for larger herds or if you need to move your hay from one area to another. The system allows you to feed multiple cows simultaneously with minimal waste. You can also customize the size and shape of your feeder depending on the size and needs of your cattle. The system works best if you can access a tractor or other machinery.

Hay Feeder Wagon

A hay feeder wagon offers a convenient way to feed your cattle hay without needing additional machinery. The wagon has a large opening at the top and several compartments to hold the hay in place. It allows you to feed multiple cows at once without having to move around too much hay. The wagon also has a wheeled base, so you can move it easily around your land.

Automatic Hay Feeder

The automatic hay feeder is best for herds that need a steady diet of hay. The system can be programmed with different feed schedules and amounts depending on the needs of your cattle. It also helps reduce waste since the hay is dispensed in controlled amounts. The automatic feeder may be more expensive than other feeding systems, but it helps ensure that your cattle get the right amount of food.

Keeping your cattle's health and nutrition in mind is important regardless of which hay-feeding system you choose. Consider the size of your herd, their diet, and available resources to make an informed decision. Contact a local feed professional to learn which hay-feeding system works best for your cattle. For more information, contact a company like Western Pro Feeders.